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The Quince Family

My great grandfather was Cornelius Vernon Quince aka James.  Things were made complicated by the fact that the Quinces had a tendancy to change their christian names, one example being my great great grandfather Frank Quince, he was actually born as Edward the illegitimate child of Mary and raised by his grandparents.  His son was born Cornelius Vernon Quince but was known as James all his life, so this made research complicated.

The Quince Family - a genealogy report outlining the descendants of John Quince born 1756 Everton, Bedfordshire who married Susanna Barnes

Quince Marriages: details of some of the marriages taken place, information taken marriage certificates

Census records -

1841 - includes name: Darnell, Darlow

1851 - includes name: Darnell, Darlow

1861 - includes name: Darnell 

1871 - includes names: Spring, Darnell

1881 - includes names: Wheatley, Walker, Savage, Spring

1891 - includes names: Humphries, Wheatley, Walker, Darnell, Savage, Spring,

1901 - includes names: Young, Smith, Matthews, Wheatley, Walker, Savage, Humphries, Darnell, Spring

Casualty Record - detailing the death of Thomas James Quince during World War 2

New - unrelated Quinces - this section is dedicated to the other Quince famlies in the UK, including variations of the name such as Quincey.  The information has been contributed by their descendants, I have not verified the accuracy of it but am sure it is correct to the best of their knowledge.  If you find you are related to one of them and would like to be put in touch with the contributor then please email me via the link on the relevant page.  This section will be added to as new Quince families contribute their trees.  If you have a tree you wish to add then please email me.

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