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New information - when I come by new information I am for now rather than having to regenerate the whole generation by generation report including links by the names of the individuals whose descendants have now been traced.  Clicking on these links will take you to a new page detailing their children etc.  I hope this all makes sense.


The Dudley Family

My gt, gt, gt grandmother is a Dudley.

The research into the Dudley family  is extensive and I have discovered Dudleys that the family spread out, they can be found in America, Canada, France, New Zealand and of course here in the UK.

It was discovered that one member of the family, Hannah Wright (nee Dudley) had a photographic studio in Brighton (called A.W.Wright Studios) and that some of the photos in our family album were taken at this studio.  Some of these photos are now posted on this site, and many have been identified however we still need help identifying others so if you recognise anyone please let me know. 

Trying to work out how best to put this information on this site has been a bit of a nightmare, so for now I've decided the best way forward is to put them in generation by generation, with each generation being displayed on a seperate page.    Each generation can be got to be by clicking the link at the end of each page in the Genealogy reoprt listed below.  I have resticted this to 11 generations as I believe the majority of people mentioned are now deceased, however I've also privatised the records of those I'm not sure about.  If anyone find information on here they don't want displayed PLEASE let me know and I will remove them.

I have also duplicated information so that the French Dudley's can be found on their own page, as can the Australian, Canadian and American Dudleys as well as within the main genealogy report.

In addition to the information listed on here I have numerous notes, census entries, birth, marriage and death sources available, which you can have a copy of by emailing me.  I can send you a or family tree maker file of anyone and their descendants that you may be interested in.  If you can add any more information please email me.  I also have a list of all the Dudley descendants I'm in touch with, including how they are descended, this list will be made available to any 'new' Dudley's that make contact, so they can decide which of their 'cousins' they wish to swap information with.

This site is being constantly updated so please keep coming back.  Also PLEASE, PLEASE, sign the guest book, especially if you are related, as other family members look in there to see who else is connected and may wish to make contact.  If you do sign then please remember to email me so that I have your email address on file and can forward any enquries I receive about your posting.  I would suggest you put down who your Dudley ancestor is i.e. grandfather, gt gt gt grandmother, doesn't matter how far back, if there is a Dudley in your tree then you are part of this very large family.  If anyone is stuck with their research or struggling to make a connnection to this family then I am more than happy to help.  Just contact me and tell me what information you have and I will do some digging around for you.

I hope you all enjoy the information here on this section of the site.  Remember if you have any photos or anything i.e. wills etc that can be added then I would love to do so, I've discovered my gt gt gt grandmother was a spitting image of me (or me of her to be precise!). 

Dudley Genealogy reports -  this includes an overall report listing every Dudley name so far entered, plus a generation by generation breakdown, which includes more detailed information. 

Dudley's around the world....oh how they travelled!  I'm still tracking them but so far I have a good selection so each one has their own page, all the information has been kindly provided by descendants of theirs.  New Check out the new fascinating book transcribed under the Australian section, generously contributed by Jeanette Harper nee Barty which chronicles the life of the family of William Dudley and Hannah Green. The book was written in 1969 and contains contributions from descendants etc.

France - Dudley Albertus Wright

United States of America - Jesse Dudley and James White Hinds Dudley

Australia - including 5 Dudley's four of whom were brothers that emmigrated plus the 'book'

New Zealand - there is also a connection to Canada, Alfred Joseph Charles Deanes, grandson of Hannah Dudley born 1854 Bedfordshire emmigrated to Canada. 

Burnage Family - Hannah Dudley born 18th October 1882, Wootton, Bedfordshire married Albert Burnage who was born 13 January 1881, Houghton Conquest Bedfordshire.  This is a list of his ancestors and their descendants, it's a bit skimpy at the moment but am working with another member of the Burnage family to expand it.!.

Dudley names  a list of Dudley names that appear on this site (this too needs updating and will be done so very soon)

The Last Will & Testament of John Dudley born 1628 died 1686, the Will is dated 1684.  In it John refers to his father and children as well as his son-in-law Thomas Thody.  Kindly provided by Ian Dudley.

Bedforshire Gaol Records (this is the old way of spelling Jail apparently) - this is a fascinating collection of records which include descriptions of individuals, what crime they committed etc.

Census records - names included: Dudley, Burnage, Wright.  UK Census entries from 1841 to 1901

The Dudley / Wright Family Photo Album - containing photos of the Dudley and Wright families. 

Obituary of Hannah Dudley born 1882 and who married Albert Burnage, this is an interesting article as it has references to family members including Dudley's

Susannah Dudley b. 16 Feb 1822 - mother of James White Hinds Dudley - this is a summary of her life written by Shirley Sturm Bishop

Dudley Family Members - this is a password protected page, and is only available to those who have the password!  This page contains the contact names and email addresses of members of the Dudley family who are alive today and is to be used to enable each descendant to make contact with each other if they so wish.  New members of the family i.e Dudley descendnats will have their details and ancestors listed on this page as they are 'discovered' and if they agree to join the list and wish to have access to the page.  Please note: Access will only be given to those whose names appear on the page.

New - unrelated Dudleys - this section is dedicated to the other Dudley famlies in the UK, the information has been contributed by their descendants and if you find you are related to one of them then please email me via the link on the relevant page.  This section will be added to as new Dudley families contribute their trees.  If you have a tree you wish to add then please email me.


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