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The Derrick Family

English Derricks

Below you will find a descendant report outlining George Derrick born 1773 in Gloucestershire, England and his wife Mary Gregory born 1775 in Frocestor, Gloucestershire, England.  Other names included in the descendants report and census records include: Paul, Bowyer, Daniels, King, Woodward, Budding, Oades and Beard to name but a few.  I must offer a BIG thank you to Carol Chandler in the USA who has spent a long time gathering information on the Derrick family and in particular those of Sarah Derrick b.1801 and her descendants that emmigrated to America.

Descendants of George Derrick and Mary Gregory - In addition to the information here I have extensive notes for many of the individuals who appear in the report.  If you email me I will be happy to share this information with you.

The Last Will and Testament of George Derrick born 1773 who died on Christmas Day, 1832.

New The Derricks in Singapore Document featuring newspaper articles that follow the life of the Derrick family in Singapore.  This relates to George Derrick, Isabella Paul and their children and grand children.

Paul Family - Isabella Paul married William Henry Derrick, Isabella was born in Dublin and through census records etc we have managed to trace her family back another generation.  Her sister Mary Jane Paul married a man by the name of Thomas Bowyer and photos of them and their family can be found within this section.

Census Records: A list of all the Derricks featured here who appear on British Census records, please note however that there are some discrepancies with ages and spelling of christian names, a common occurrence I believe. To make it easier I have divided these up into years allowing you to follow your ancestors progress over time.  In the 1841 Census it was common practice to round of the ages of person, i.e. if they were 13 then they were put down as being 15.  If I have missed out anyone, or failed to follow a family through the years then please let me know and I will look them up and add them. 

List of Abbreviations: M-married U-unmarried I-illegitimate

1841 includes names: Daniels

1851 includes names: Bowyer, Paul, Daniels, King, Budding

1861 includes names: Woodward, Paul, Daniels, Whitcombe, King

1871 includes names Browning, Budding, Daniels

1881 includes names Paul, Daniels, Oades, Bowyer, Budding, Beard

1891 inclues names Paul, Browning, Beard, Woodward,

1901 includes names Beard, Bowyer, Linford

Photos of English Derricks: Here you will find a collection of photos of my grandfather, gt grandfather and gt gt grandfather, gt gt gt grandfather and my gt, gt, gt grandmother

Letters - copies of the two letters sent from William Henry Derrick of Dinder, England to Caroline Derrick in Australia during WWII (kindly provided by Mrs Gwen Taylor, Australia.

Australian Derricks

William Henry Derrick born in Gloucester, England on November 16th 1834 arrived in Australia. Family rumor has it that he 'jumped ship' but this has never been either proved or dis-poved. In 1851 he was staying with his parents in Southampton, where he is listed as a sailors apprentice so this rumor could be true. Once in Australia he married a lady called Lucy Anne Brown, who was born in Cambridge, England, they married on 21st October 1865 in Australia. 

Descendants of William Henry Derrick and Lucy Anne Brown 

Photos of the Australian Derricks including ones of William and Lucy


American Derricks

James Derrick born on March 17th 1814 emigrated with his wife Elizabeth (nee Collier) and their two children at that time ann born 17th September 1838 and Sarah born 16th October 1840. They arrived in New York on the 14th October 1841 and moved to Connecticut where they had a son. A family bible is held by Linda Gurney.

Thomas Derrick brother of James also emigrated to America with his second wife Mary and three daughters. They sailed aboard the ship called 'The City of London', they departed from Liverpool and arrived in New York on the 23 December 1869. They settled in Hardwick, Worcester, Massachusetts. This is the same community his brother James and his family are living in during the census of 1870. In 1880 they have moved to Norwich, New London, Connecticut, also living in the same street are his niece Sarah Derrick and her husband Amos Hobbs with their young family.

Descendants of James born 1814

Descendants of Thomas born 1808

Photo of Sarah Derrick born 1840

Passenger lists: the copied out text of the passenger lists showing the families emigrating to America


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