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The Connor & Smith Family in India

I have managed to trace our ancestors back to the start of the 19th Century.  There is some speculation about further generations but no hard evidence as yet.  However we do believe that Thomas and Joanna are the parents of William and Thomas.  

I have also got a couple of Smith family members so have added them onto the page as well.  This information has taken my years to collate and has come from a variety of sources.  If you wish to copy the information for your own personal use this is fine, however if you wish to republish it anywhere else on the internet such as on then please do me the courtesy of letting me know.  The information is frequently updated.  I am sharing it in the hopes of finding other descendants out there.  If you are linked then please let me know as I would love to hear from and know if you can add any more information to the tree.  You can contact me directly by email by clicking here


The Smith & Connor Families in India


George Fortunatus Smith & Ann Peters

3 x Great Grandparents

We are not sure if George and Ann were born in India or if they emigrated from the UK in the early 1800’s.  They were married on the 2nd June 1823 in Cawnpore, India.  They had 5 children:-

I. Ann Sophia Smith – (2 x great grandmother) was born on the 28 Feb 1823 in Mynpoorie, India. She was christened on the 1 Nov 1826 in Agrahar, Andhra Pradesh, India. She married William Connor. They were married on the 26 Dec 1840 in Futtehghur, Bengal,India. She died on the 2 Dec 1893 in Purundhar.

Ii. George Fortunatus Richard Smith was born on the 26 Apr 1826 in Mynpoorie, India. He was christened  on 01 Nov 1826 in Agrah, India. He died on the 1 Jun 1854 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Iii. William Benjamin Smith was born on the 28 Nov 1827 in Mynpoorie, India. He was christened on the 24 Dec 1827 in Mynpoorie, India

Iv. Robert Thomas Mullin Smith was born on the 15 Jun 1830 in Mynpoorie, India. He was christened on the 6 Nov 1831 in Futtehghur, Bengal, India. He married Ellen Famon. They were married on the 13 Jul 1854 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. He died at some point before 1861. I don't know if they have any children or not.

V. Unknown Smith. He died on 14 May 1835 in Mynpoorie, India. There is an entry in the Indian Times newspaper detailing the child’s death but it doesn't give their name.

Thomas Connor and Joanne

3 x great grandparents

They had 2 children.

2. i. William Connor. He was born around 1808. We believe he was born in India.  His first marriage was to Clarissa Westropp but following her death he married Ann Sophia Smith. They were married on the 26 Dec 1840 in Futtehghur, Bengal, India. He died on the 4 Dec 1877 in Allyghur, India. 


3. ii. Thomas Connor. He was born around 1806 we believe India. He married Amelia Westropp. They were married on the 18 Dec 1826 in Mehndoo, Bengal, India. He died on the 21 March 1867 in Allyghur, India.


I believe that Clarissa and Amelia were sisters but from two separate marriages. 


 William Connor and Ann Sophia Smith


2 x great grandparents

William was actually married twice, Ann was his second wife.  His first wife Clarissa sadly died at a young age.

Clarissa Sophia Louise Westropp is the daughter of George Westropp and Clarissa Deavoncourt. She was born on the 23 Sep 1818 in Tamil Nadu, India. She was christened on the 9 Dec 1818 in Tamil Nadu,India.  Clarissa’s father was called George and was a Indigo Planter in Mhendoo.


William Connor and Clarissa Sophia Louise Westropp were married on the 2 Jul 1832 in Allyghur, India. They had 2 children.

i. George Lionel Connor. He was born on the 11 Jan 1835 in Allyghur, India. He was christened on the 5 Apr 1835 in Allyghur, India.  I don’t know what happened to George as yet.

Entry in Indian Times under Births: 11th January 1835 At Ally Ghur, Mrs. W. Connor, of a son

Birth records found at the India office records in London

Name: George Lionel CONNOR

Event type: Birth

Date: 11 Jan

Year: 1835

Location: Allyghur

Parents: William, writer; Clarissa Sophia Louisa

Event type: Baptism

Date: 05 Apr

Year: 1835

Location: Allyghur

Presidency: Bengal


Also listed in Allens Indian Mail, 1835, Page 239


7. ii. Amelia Connor. She was born on 08 Mar 1836 in Allyghur, India. She was christened on the 22 May 1836 in Allyghur, India. She married Charles Pierre Lemeur. They were married 1856 in India.  They had two children, Charles Lionel Lemur b. 1859 Lahore and Clarissa Amelia Lemur b. 1856 Lahore.


Following the death of his young wife William went on to marry Ann Sophia Smith.  It is possible that there Ann was related to Clarissa’s family as Clarissa’s father’s first wife was called Elizabeth Smith.  They were married on 26 Dec 1840 in Futtehghur, Bengal, India.


 They had 10 children, due to the information I have on them I am giving each child their own section.  The first three that I have listed however do not have descendants that I am aware of so have put them together. I have highlighted each of the children of William and Ann in red to make them easy to identify.


i. James Fortunatus Connor. He was born on the 13 Sep 1841 in Fateghur, India.  He was christened on the 5 Jan 1842 in Fateghur, India.  With exception to his birth and christening I have found no other information on James.


v. Ida Juliet Connor. She was born on 25 Dec 1849 in Agrah, India. Christening on 25 Mar 1850 in Agrah, India. She died on 27 Aug 1851 in Allyghur, India. (have put her up here as don’t have further information on her).

Announcement in the Bombay times at Allyghur on the 27th August in teething Ida Juliet the beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs W Connor aged 1 year 8 months and 2 days


vi. Clarence Randolph Connor.  He was born on the 29 Dec 1953 at Allyghur but sadly died on 4 Jan 1858, aged just 5.  Likewise he is listed here as there are no further entries for him.


2. ii. Augustus Samuel William Connor. He was born on 18 Jun 1843 in Allyghur, India. Christening on 03 Mar 1844 in Allyghur, India. He died on 26 May 1888 in Mohw, India. 


In 1867 he is mentioned in Allens Indian mail as being in the Ceylon Rifle Regiment. New army list 1869 he is listed as being in the Ceylon Rifle Regiment as an Ensign.

5 January 1870 again mentions of him being in the Ceylon Rifle Regiment including the fact that he passed an examination in Native Languages, hic hi presume is Indian.  He is listed as an Ensign.

New Army List 1870 again listed as an Ensign

In 1875 The new army list and army civil service list

1879 The United service magazine, Volume 150, Page 2 he is listed as Lieutenant Augustus S W Connor.

He married in 1879, by this time he is listed as a Captain.

The India Office and Burma List 1888 listed as Captain A S W Connor Bo.S.C., on page 38 however on page 539 his death is recorded as Major A S W Connor, Mhow, 26 May 88

I then found an obituary which was a great find.


MAJOR AUGUSTUS SAMUEL WILLIAM CONNOR, Bombay .Staff Corps, son of the late William Connor, Honorary Magistrate of Aligurh, in the North-West Provinces of India, was born on the 18th of June, 1841. He was educated at Mussoori under the Rev. Dr. Luoni, and afterwards at the Thomason Civil Engineering College, Roorkee. From thence he was appointed to the Indian Trigonometrical Survey, and did good work in it for some little time. In 1861, he entered the Public Works Department as an assistant engineer, and was employed on the Agra and Bombay road, and afterwards at Gwalior under Lieutenant (now Lieut.Colonel) J. B. Sparks, Executive Engineer. Here he had the supervision of the construction of barracks, as also the defences of the fortress of Gwalior. His services were so highly esteemed, that although he had meanwhile been appointed to an ensigncy. In the Ceylon rifle regiment, he was retained by the Government of India for eighteen months. He joined his regiment in Ceylon, but soon after exchanged into the 7th Royal Fusiliers, and returned to India. The want of occupation during the peaceful period that now intervened in India proved irksome to his busy mind ; he therefore applied for re-employment in the Public Works Department, and was appointed a Second Grade Assistant Engineer on the railway branch, on the 1st of February, 1871, and was promoted to First Grade Assistant Engineer on the 1st of March, 1872. He was employed on the Indus Valley Railway for some time, but was sent to superintend famine operations on the Northern Bengal Railway, when he officiated as Executive Engineer from January 1874. These duties undermined his health, and he was sent to England on sick leave from March 1876 to September 1877. On returning he was posted to the Western Rajputana State Railway; but on the Mysore famine breaking out shortly after, his previous similar services pointed to him as a valuable man, and he was sent there as an officiating Executive Engineer. In May, 1878, he was permanently promoted to executive rank. He returned to the Western Rajputana Railway in December,1878; but again suffering from exposure during the famine works, he was obliged to proceed to England on eighteen months sick leave in March, 1879.

He was promoted to Third Grade Executive Engineer during his absence on leave. He received the thanks of the Government for his services during both these times. His health was permanently affected by exposure during this trying time, and he never perfectly recovered. While in England on leave, Captain Connor attended the Royal Engineer extra courses of study- at Chatham, in electricity, telegraphy, army signalling, &C.; also musketry at Hythe, and on his return to India in January, 1881, he was posted to Burma, where he remained two years, and while there he organized and commanded a company of Railway Volunteers.

In August, 1883, he was transferred to the Madras Railway Surveys. In January, 1885, he was promoted Second Grade Executive Engineer, and transferred to the Sind Pishin State Railway, where he was employed for over two years. For his services on this frontier line, he was specially commended by the Secretary of State and the Government of India. On the completion of work here, his services were temporarily lent to the Central India Administration in February, 1888, and during an epidemic of smallpox at Mhow, in May, 1888, he caught the infection, and there died, on the 26th of May.

Major Connor was appointed Ensign in the Ceylon Rifle Regiment on the 13th February, 1867, he exchanged into the 7th Fusiliers in 1869, and was promoted Lieutenant on August 31st, 1870; he then was transferred to the Bombay Staff Corps on April 30th,1872; promoted to Captain February 13th, 1879, and Major February 13th, 1887. He was elected an Associate of the Institution on the 7th of December, 1875.

Major Connor was a most painstaking and hardworking officer; and the conscientious performance of his duties under unfavourable climatic influences, was the indirect cause of his regretted death when yet in his prime.

After locating this I was also able to locate his probate records which read as follows:-

13 September 1888

Administration of the Person Estate of Augustus Samuel William Connor late of Mohw in Central India a Major in the Bombay Staff Corps who died 26 May 1888 at Mohw was granted at the Principal Registry to Ellen Harriett Connor of 105 Hereford Road, Bayswater in the County of Middlesex, widow of the Relict.

They had the following children:

Child One - Albemarle Dare Connor


Albemarle Dare Connor



Baptism/christening date:

03 Feb 1883

Baptism/christening place:

Toungoo, Burma, Bengal, India

Birth date:

23 Nov 1882

During the 1901 census Albermarle was at Sandhurst Military School


Albemarle Dare Connor



event date:

31 Mar 1901





relationship to head of household:



India Burmah Tonglios

registration district:




ecclesiastical parish:

St Micheal

civil parish:





Groom's' name:

Albemarle Dare Connor

Groom's' birth date:


Groom's' age:


Bride's' name:

Irma Tellery

Bride's' birth date:


Bride's' age:


Marriage date:

21 Feb 1914

Marriage place:

Gwalior, Bengal, India

Groom's' father's name:

Augustus Samuel William Connor 

Brides Fathers Name:Anton Benadick Tellery



 As we can see Abermarle returned to India and this where he was married.  Sadly he died just 6 years later and so far i haven’t found any children for him.

Child Two

Olgar T Connor – according to later census records she was born around about 1882 in Chatham, Kent, however I can find no record of her birth.

Child Three

Vernon Connor – born about 1885 St Helier, Jersey

Children 4 and 5 are twins

Gladys Marie Connor and Ivy Alma Connor were born 1 Sept 1887 in India and were baptised on the 22 Oct 1887 in Karachi, India. 

The twins were just 8 months old when their father passed away.

It would appear that their mother Ellen then returned to the UK.  In 1891 she can be found residing in the UK

By 1901 they are back living in St Helier in Jersey.  Ellen is living on her own means.

Ellen is living on her own means and has one servant with her.  The address is I believe 57 Rouge  oullion.  I have ‘googled’ this and found out that is now Morvan Hotels.  They are the only people listed at that address so it wouldn’t appear to have been a hotel at that time, otherwise there would be other ‘residents’ listed.   I found this article on the area

It would appear the Norfolk Lodge Hotel now is located at 57 Rouge Boullion.  I took the following information from their website.  The Morvan Hotels Norfolk Lodge Hotel, Jersey.  The Hotel has been within the ownership of the Morvan Family for fifty years and has been constantly upgraded during this time. Within the grounds is the original Rouge Bouillon House Hotel, which was acquired and integrated into the site in the 1960’s. It is now the west wing of the main hotel. This was originally the grand home of a wealthy St Helier family and today provides a contrast to the modern purpose built buildings that form the main structure.  There is a keen eye to detail at the Norfolk Lodge where a warm welcome is assured from our experienced team. Hotel bookings may be made on-line on this site directly and please do contact our office should you require travel to the beautiful Island of Jersey.

I haven’t been able to find a death for Ellen or a probate record however probate records are only available online into the mid 40’s so its possible she died after that date.

iii. Rosa Victoria Connor. She was born on 05 Jun 1847 in Allyghur, India.  She married William Joseph Skeaf. They were married on 09 May 1866 in Allyghur, India.


groom's name:

William Joseph Skeaf

groom's birth date


groom's age:


bride's name:

Rosa Victoria Connor

bride's birth date:


bride's age:


marriage date:

09 May 1866

marriage place:

Allyghur, Bengal, India

groom's father's name:

Captain William Skeaf

bride's father's name:

William Connor

indexing project (batch) no:


system origin:


source film number:


They had one daughter born in 1867

i. Ann Sophia Elizabeth Skeaf. She was born on the 17 March 1867 in Agra, and was christened on the 31 March.  Sadly she died when she was just 1 year and 2 days old, on the 19 March 1868.  (ten days after her father’s promotion)

On the 10 March 1869 it would appear that William was promoted to the role of Deputy Assistant Commissaries.

I believe her mother Rosa died on the 1 May 1869.

In 1879 her husband is found getting remarried, he is listed as a widow and marries another widow on the 17 Sept 1879. I haven’t found any children for them.


iv. Edwin Joscelyn Connor. He was born 1848 in Allyghur, India.

‘East India Register and Directory 18th September 1841 at Allyghur, Mrs. Wm. Connor, of a son.’

Survey Dept - 4th Grade - E.J. Connor. No. 25 party. Remarks: Tidal and Levelling Operations.7


He married Alice Harrington, the daughter of Isaac Harrington.. 


The Times of India

Groom: Connor Edwin Jocelyn

Bride: Harrington Alice

Place: Agra

Year : 1870

Date: 27 Sept


Sept 27 at Agra at the Cathedral Edwin Jocelyn Connor of the Grand Trigonometrical

Survey 3rd son of William Connor honorary magistrate of Allyghur to Alice the only daughter of

the late Captain Isaac Harrington.


I have trawled the internet and found a few mentions of Edwin.  Connor EJ: He sent 6 tidal letters, mostly to Darwin

The eighty people around the World reporting directly to the Synthetic and Harmonic networks focussed in London

                Correspondent        Nationality    Network       Location

Connor EJ



Poona, India


In 1903 he is listed in the Geographical Journal as having submitted an article to the journal.

In 1912 they are found arriving in the UK

Name: Mr & Mrs E J Connor Port of Departure: Bombay, India Arrival Date: 25 May 1912 Port of Arrival: London, England Ports of Voyage: Plymouth Ship Name: Egypt. States they are intending to live in Ireland, however as the probate shows below they never made it there.

Deaths Dec 1917 Connor Edwin J 69 Brentford 3a 175 1917

 Probate Connor Edwin Joscelyn of 66 Ranelagh-road, Ealing, Middlesex died 15 Nov 1917

Probate london 21 Dec to Alice Connor widow

Effects £463 16s

They had 4 children.

i. Archimedes William George Joscelyn Connor. He was born Abt. 1873 in  Poona, India. He died on 13 Jun 1937 in Brighton.

Here is what we know of Archimedes so far…

Both he and his brother Isaac were pupils at St Lawrence College between 1887 and 1889

In 1891 Archimedes J W G Connor can be found residing at 8 Mortimer Road, St Andrew the Less, he is listed as an army student aged 17 born in Poona.  Also residing at the address is a William Connor aged 16 also an army student born in Poona so I believe this to be another brother.

1891 Emily (his future wife) is with her mother Charlotte, who is a widow.

On 26 Sept 1893 a Mr A W Connor sailed from London to Bombay, he is listed as single, not sure if it’s our A W as has ticked the ‘irish single male’ box.


Is mentioned in ‘The Stage Year Book’ Duke of Elstree..Mr. A. W. G. J. Connor

On the 25 September 1912 Archimedes William George Joscelyn Connor aged 39 years, a bachelor, Barrister at Law, residing at 60 Ranglagh (not sure if that is spelt right) road, Ealing, son of Edwin Joscelyn Connor, a gentleman married Emily Violet Buchannan Challis aged 28 year, a spinster, from 28 ARdington Crescent, London, her father was John Challis (deceased) a gentleman.  They married at Brentford Registry Office.  We’ve never located a death for Emily or a divorce and would love to know what happened to her.


22nd (County of London) Battalion, The London

Regiment (The Queen's); Second Lieutenant Archimedes William George Joscelyn Connor, from the Corps of Interpreters, to be Lieutenant (temporary). Dated 17th July, 1915.


The London Gazette, 27 September 1917

Lt. A. W. G. J. Connor (attached Rifle Bde.) relinquishes his commission on account of ill-health, and is granted the hon. rank of Lt.. 27th Sept. 1917.

Scope and content

Name: CONNOR Archimedes W G J Nature of Disability: Bronchial Asthma

We always understood he was gassed during the war but not sure when or where

Army medal card, address given as 66 Ranelagh Road, Ealing then 31 West Kensington Mansions, West Kensington as his permanent address.  Also a third address of ‘Duloe’ Springfield Gardens, Bexhill on sea is listed.  His occupation is given as interpreter.

BT Phone Book 1923 – central 7898 – Connor A W G J Barrister at Law, 1 New Square, W C 2

On 24 October 1924 a Mr A W Connor, aged 51 (born abt 1873) sails to Bombay with Alice Connor aged 72 (born about 1852), with the intention of living in Bombay.  His address is listed as 29 Castletown Road, West Kensington.

23 April 1933 Mr A W G J Connor, embarked in Port Said, Egypt his address is 29a Carthetoron Road, West Kensington.  He travelled 2nd class, and is listed as a Barrister at Law, aged 59, his last country of residence is Egypt.  He states that he intends to live in England.

1934 Post Office Directory



13 June 1937, Archibald (this is a mistake, should read Archimedes) William George Joscelyn Connor, male, aged 65 year of age, Barrister of Law, Address 29a Castletown Road, West Kensington dies of Bronco Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Emphysema at 4 Percival Terrace, Brighton, which is a Red Cross Officers Convalescence Hospital.  The death is registered by a Dr John Murdoch who was present at the time of death.

ii. William Connor. He was born 1875 in Poona, India. In 1891 he is a scholar at the same place as his brother Archimedes.


iii. Constance Marie Connor. She was born on 31 Aug 1871 in Agrah, India.


Exact Entry: Aug 31st at Agra the wife of Mr E J Connor of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of a daughter


In 1898 Constance married Ernest Secrodes

 Groom's name: Ernest Secrodes

Groom’s birth date: 1861

Groom’s age: 37

Bride’s name: Constance Marie Connor

Bride’s birth date: 1871

Bride’s age: 27

Marriage date: 29 Sep 1898

Marriage place: Meerut, Bengal, India

Groom’s father's name: Gotelieb Secrodes

Bride’s father's name: Edwin Jocelyn Connor

Groom’s marital status: Single

Bride’s marital status: Single


iv. Isaac Joscelyn Connor. He was born Abt. 1875 in India.


During the 1901 census he is found as a boarder in a house in Brompton, Kensington and his occupation is listed as the Royal Engineers.  His birth is listed as India.  I know his brother Archimedes had his own property at Castletown in Kensington later on.











vi. Ella Ursula Connor. She was born on 23 Aug 1851 in Allyghur, India. Christening on 12 Oct 1851 in Allyghur, India. She married William Swaby. They were married on 15 Apr 1885 in St Mary's, Poona, Bombay. She died on 19 Jul 1924 in Poona.


Notes for Ella Ursula Connor:

General Notes:

Name Ella Swaby

Gender Female

Burial Date 19 Jul 1924

Burial Place Poona, Bombay, India

Death Date 19 Jul 1924

Age 72

Birth Date 1852

Marital Status Widowed

Spouse's Name William Swaby

Indexing Project (Batch) NumberB00269-5

System Origin India-EASy

Source Film Number528105


William Swaby is the son of William Robert Swaby. He was born around 1847 reputedly in St Pancras, London.  His occupation on 11 Jul 1861was army No 890 2nd Battalion Gloster Regt (Joined up). He died on 08 Apr 1924 in Poona, India. He was buried on 09 Apr 1924 in Poona, India.


Name William Swaby

Gender Male

Burial Date 09 Apr 1924

Burial Place Poona, Bombay, India

Death Date 08 Apr 1924

Death Place Age 79

Birth Date 1845

Indexing Project (Batch) Number B00269-4

System Origin India-EASy

Source Film Number 527694


William Swaby and Ella Ursula Connor were married on 15 Apr 1885 in St Mary's, Poona, Bombay. They had 2 children.

 2. i. Annette Lilla Swaby. She was born on 20 Apr 1886 in Poona, Christening on 03 Jun 1886 in Poona,. She married Linford Derrick. They were married on 24 Dec 1915 in Church of St James, Delhi, Archdeaconry of Lahore. She died 1967 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England.


ii. Winnie Elsie Swaby. She was born on 14 Jun 1887 in Purundhar.  Christening on 14 Aug 1887 in Purundhar. She died on 27 Aug 1966 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England.


Death recorded Winifred E Connor age 79 Bishops Stortford Sep Qtr 1966


viii. Eva Alberta Connor. She was born on 22 Mar 1855 in Allyghur, India.  Christening on 17 Jun 1855 in Allyghur, India. She married Alfred Ernest Stoddard. They were married 1896.


Extracts from their marriage record 

Groom's Name: Alfred Ernest Stoddard

Groom's Birth Date:1852

Groom's Age:44

Bride's Name: Eva Connor

Bride's Birth Date: 1870

Bride's Age: 26

Marriage Date: 17 Mar 1896

Marriage Place: Peshawar, Bengal, India

Groom's Father's Name: Adolph Stoddard

Bride's Father's Name: William Connor

Groom's Marital Status: Widowed

Bride's Marital Status: unknown


ix. Effie Mary Selina Smith Connor. She was born on 06 Jun 1863 in Allyghur, India. Christening on 16 Aug 1863 in Allyghur, India. She married William Lambert Millett. They were married on 26 Mar 1885 in Poona, India.

x. Lillian Alicia Connor. Lillian was born about 1859 in India.  She married Leopold Witkowski Cole. They were married on 27 Dec 1880 in Poona, India.  I recently gained access to the 1911 census and it would appear that they had 5 children but only 2 had survived, a son and a daughter.

During my research I came across a written account by William Connor of what happened to him and his wife, Ann Sophia and their children during a mutiny which took place on the 20th May 1857.  Had the outcome been different, I would not be sitting here typing this!  If you wish to read it please click here.


 Summary of the children of William Connor and Clarrissa Westropp

1. George Lionel Connor b. 11 Jan 1835

2. Amelia Connor b. 8 Mar 1836

Summary of the children of William Connor and Ann Sophia Smith 

1.  James Fortunatus Smith b. 13 Sept 1841

2.  Augustus Samuel William Connor b. 18 Jun 1843

3.  Rosa Victoria Connor b. 5 Jun 1847

4.  Edwin Joscelyn Connor b. 1848

5.  Ida Juliet Connor b. 25 Dec 1849

6. Ella Ursula Connor b. 23 Aug 1851

7.  Clarence Randolph Connor b. 29 Dec 1853

8.  Eva Alberta Connor b. 22 Mar 1855

9.  Lillian Alicia Connor b. 1859

10. Effie Marie Selina Smith Connor b. 6 Jun 1863

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