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Thank You!

There are so many people who have contributed information to this site, that I will apologise in advance should I forget anyone.  One mistake I made when starting out with my research is not keeping a log of 'who contributed what' and in many cases the sources of the information I have, so I'm really sorry if I've ommitted something or someone from my thank you list.

American Derrick's

I had been trying to find a connection with Wilmington, North Carolina in an effort to trace who brought our family bible which was purchased from there around 1860 and presented to Isabelle Alice Derrick of Southampton on her 5th Birthday on 29th July 1863.  Since starting the research however, I have been contacted by John Woodward (who has contributed some of the photos and information on this site) who also has a family bible.  Johns bible was given to Maidie (Mary Ann Derrick) on her 7th birthday (31/12/1862) This Bible was purchased in Wilmington and was believed to have brought by her father, George Derrick (b. 1832) who was a mariner and presumably made the purchases when his ship called at Wilmington.

More recently I have been in contact with two American Descendants both of whom have been a great help with my research.  Linda Gurney provided me with our first  direct link with America.  It appears that George's (b.1773) son James born on March 17th 1814 moved with his wife Elizabeth Derrick (nee Collier) and their two children Ann b.17th September 1838 and Sarah b.16 October 1840 to America.  They landed in New York on 14th October 1841.  They settled in Connecticut.  They then went on to have another child, a son, called George William Derrick who was born on 21 January 1843.  Linda Gurney has the family bible of Mary Gregory who was Georges wife.kindly donated photos of Sarah Derrick who emmigrated to America and a list of her descendants. 

My second American break came in the form of Carol Chandler who has been researching the Derrick family in America on behalf of friends and her contribution to this site has been enormous, she has searched census records tracing the family roots in America and has kindly shared her work with me allowing me to fill in more than a few gaps. 

Thomas Derrick brother of James also emigrated to America with his second wife Mary and three daughters. They sailed aboard the ship called 'The City of London', they departed from Liverpool and arrived in New York on the 23 December 1869. They settled in Hardwick, Worcester, Massachusetts. This is the same community his brother James and his family are living in during the census of 1870. In 1880 they have moved to Norwich, New London, Connecticut, also living in the same street are his niece Sarah Derrick and her husband Amos Hobbs with their young family.

To this day we are emailing each other with updated information and her help and support has been very welcome and has saved me hours of research and a fortune in subscriptions to genealogy sites!...

Austrlian Derricks

Gwen Taylor is a direct descendent of William Henry Derrick born in the UK on November 16th 1834 and who jumped ship to Australia.  He married a lady called Lucy Anne Brown from Cambridge, UK, it is unknown as to whether they met here in the UK or out in Australia, but they were married on the 21st October 1865 in Australia. She has provided us with the photos here on the site of our Australian descendents and also with two letters that were sent by William Henry Derrick of Dinder born May 30th 1863 to Caroline Derrick born February 9th 1882.  Caroline was the daughter of William and Lucy Ann and is Gwen's great great Grandmother.  Thanks to Delia Cuss in helping us make the connection to Gwen.

Her contribution was valuable beyond words as it allowed us to find the missing Derrick who, through age old stories we knew had jumped ship but didn't know where!  Other records have been provided by other descendants in Australia.

Dudley Family

Our research into the Dudley family has really taken off in the last 6 months.  I must offer thanks to Bev Bonning who provided me with a comprehensive list of ancestors, and also to Chris VanHal in Canada who also has lots of ancestor information as well as photos etc which he has kindly contributed to the site. Chris is also in contact with Dudleys in America who are connected to us.  Lex Dudley has also provided a list of ancestors which has cut down on my research time greatly.  We have discovered that one member of the family, Hannah Wright (nee Dudley) had a photographic studio in Brighton (called A.W.Wright Studios) and that some of the photos in our family album were taken at this studio.  Some of the photos are now posted on this site, and many have been identified however we still need help identifying others so if you recognise anyone please let me know.  David Simkin organised a photographic exhibition in Brighton and hosts a website which shows.  Laurence is a new contact, she lives in France and is directly descended from the Dudley line.  Other Dudleys are Ian and Christine.

Linford Family

I would like to thank Becky Willoughby who has helped me compile information about the Linford family.  I have also used birth certificates, marriage certificates and records from the Church of Latter Day Saints. 

Wild Family

Thanks to the efforts of a volunteer researcher by the name of Stella Watkins we have finally been able to trace some of the Wild family.  Most of the ancestors I've found so far come from the St Pancras area of London.  As you can see there is still a long way to go!

Quince Family

Just recently my research into the Quince family has leap frogged.  I have been contacted by at least 6 descendants many of whom have kindly donated information found on this website.  They were a large family, with many of the ancestors having at least 12 descendants.  A few people I would like to thank are Geoff, Linda, Judy, Amanda, Jayne, Leslie and last but by no mean least Alan.  I've left surnames out as haven't had permission to put their names up on this site so I hope if you do see yourselves on here you will know who you are and accept my thanks.

If I have missed anyone out then I am really sorry!..

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