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Over the years I have spent a fortune registering with different genealogy sites, however I’ve also wasted a fortune as well!  The sites below are the ones I now use for my research, in an effort to save you money and time these sites should give you access to all the information you require.  Many of them are free. this is one of the best sites available, it also has a sister site which is useful if you are trying to trace relatives in other countries.  It is worth paying out for the annual membership of as this will give you access to Census records from 1841-1901, BMD lists – birth, marriage and death (the same as freebmd below), Newspaper articles, some army records plus lots of other things.  It works out far cheaper to buy the annual membership rather than pay for items individually.


The majority of christening and birth information I have found has come from the this is the website for the Church of Latter Day Saints who have recorded millions of births, deaths and marriages from the UK and around the world. – an excellent site offering great value for money, with membership costing just £7 a year at the moment.  I have made a lot of progress through this site, by uploading my tree and then other people who are also researching their family have sent me messages if they find someone they are related to in my tree.  In a period of about 2 years I have had around 30 leads from this site, which trust me is a lot!. FreeBMD this is a good place to search for recorded birth, deaths and marriages.  It gives you the details of where they are listed i.e. volume number, page number in order for you to be able to order copies of certificates.

Unfortunately it does not list whom they married, or who their parents were, but

it does break lists down into areas of birth within the UK. Please note the

searches can take up to 3 minutes so don't panic if your computer seems to



Ordering certificates on line can be done through this is the General Registry Office. These can be purchased on line and are then posted out to you.


If you are looking for a Will that has been recorded in the UK then an only copy maybe available from  This is a government website that allows you to search for a will, then purchase it online for £3, and then download it.  These are handwritten documents and some of the writing is quite hard to read, but is worth it if you are trying to trace descendants as these are normally listed as beneficiaries in the will." GenUK is also an excellent site providing you with break downs of different counties and in some cases copies of census records, marriage records etc.


An exceptionally good website that I have recently found is the Genealogy Depot, the layout of the site makes it easy to use and it is free.  – recommended site - this is a site listing all cases held at the Old Bailey, 1674 to 1834, I found one of my ancestors on here as a witness in a trial.  It is a very interesting site and allows you to see the sort of punishment handed out for crimes in earlier years including deportation to Australia. - this site is part of the British India Family History and is an excellent base if you a researching relatives who may have lived or worked in India. - this site works by entering all the ancestors you have located during the 1881 census, then when other people enter the same records it will notify you of a match, this generally means that the people you make contact with are 'close' cousins as you share ancestors that are about 2 generations ago. - Bedfordshire & Luton Archives and Records Service (BLARS). Their database contains entries from gaol registers, the level of detail varies between registers but each entry gives some of the following details of the criminal: name, age, hair colour, height, crime, dates of commital and trial, sentence and means of disposal e.g. release, death, transportation etc. The database presently covers the period between 1801 and 1879 (with gaps) and is updated on a weekly basis. Their aim is to add the details from all the surviving County Gaol and House of Correction registers for the period 1801 - 1901.  They very kindly granted me permission to publish the records relating to my research interests here on the website.  The site is free to use and the information gathered from it is very useful.  Highly recommended! This is a relatively new site and operates on a message board system.  If you are trying to find relatives or connections with other cousins then you leave a message under the relevant surname.  It's free and easy to use.



I swear by Family Tree Maker, the 2006 edition is very good.  It’s easy to use, and costs just under £30, it can be ordered through the website and it is what a lot of people now use.  It allows you to save your family tree in format which can be uploaded onto websites and emailed to other family and friends, it also allows you to print out family trees, reports etc.  The latest edition has an internet search button whereby it will search for each individual and find matching records from census collections, BMD, army records etc online at


If you are not sure about a site you have seen and want to know if I have tried it out then please contact me.


If you have any sites you wish to recommend then please let me know.


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