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Can you help?  There are several lines of my family tree which have come to a grinding stop, I've hit total brick walls.  If you can help in anyway identifying who these individuals are or who their ancestors are then please email me by clicking here.

William Swaby - I have Williams army records, according to which he was born in 1847 and came from the St Pancras area.  According to his marriage record to Ella Ursula Connor which took place in 1885 in Bombay, his father was called Robert William Swaby.  He had two children born to him in India and eventually died out there in 1924.  He didn't leave the army until he retired.  I have had no luck in finding his birth entry, he does not seem to appear on any census entries.  So that is one brick wall.

Ella Ursula Connor - his wife, her father is listed as William Connor.  I can find no Ella Connor registered in the UK BMD records, nor at the Church of Latter Day Saints.  It is possible she was born overseas or even in Ireland.  If anyone has any ideas please email me.

George Derrick - born abt. 1773, based on the information on his head stone.  He married on the 6 Nov 1798 in Frocester, Glouc to Mary Gregory.  All his children were born in Frocester or Eastington, this is confirmed by entries in our family bible and parish records.  We believe he had a brother called Johnathen Derrick who married Joanna Organ in Frocester on the 1st Apr 1801.  He however died within 2 years as in 1803 Joanna Derrick was listed as a widow when she married Nathanial Pope.  What I'd like to establish is where George and Johnathen came from?  Who were their parents?  Is there a link between themselves and the Somerset Derricks?  Again I can find no record of his or his brothers birth. 

Thomas Wild - born abt 1798 Bloomsbury, London - date of birth and location based on census entries.  His wife, Sarah Chappell Wilson was born in Wiltshire, all their children were born in the St Pancras area of London.  Once again I would love to find any information about who his parents might have been so I can take this part of the family back further. 

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me or who has any suggestions.

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