My Family History & Genealogy




I had so many tab buttons on the left hand side of the screen that I decided to add in this page, to bring some of them onto.  There is a variety of stuff on this page, so please take time to scroll down and see what is here.

How to get started - not sure how to trace your ancestors then this is a guide in 'what is what' in the world of genealogy. 

Need help - then please don't hesitate to ask

What is left to do - A summary of what is ongoing and left to do in the way of research

Other family websites - a list of sites set up by 'cousins' which may be of interest to you

Unrelated non genealogy sites - a section dedicated to my life and loves outside of genealogy (and yes there are one or two lol)

If you can think of anything else I can add to this section then please let me know.

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