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Distant Cousins

This page is dedicated to those families who are connected to us but in perhaps a distant way, and are therefore distant cousins.  I will list each family individually and try to explain their connection to our family, and by clicking on their name this will take you to their own section of the site.  I am hoping this will work, but if anyone has any ideas on how to do this another way then please let me know.

Derrick Family Cousins

Paul Family - Isabella Paul married William Henry Derrick, Isabella was born in Dublin and through census records etc we have managed to trace her family back another generation.  Her sister Mary Jane Paul married a man by the name of Thomas Bowyer and photos of them and their family can be found within this section.

Dudley Family Cousins

Burnage Family - Hannah Dudley born 18th October 1882, Wootton, Bedfordshire married Albert Burnage who was born 13 January 1881, Houghton Conquest Bedfordshire.  This is a list of his ancestors and their descendants, it's a bit skimpy at the moment but am working with another member of the Burnage family to expand it.!.

Hinds family - this isn't exactly a cousin.  Until recently we believed that the father of James White Hinds Dudley had died before his birth, however we now know, thanks to a lady called Carolyn Bradshaw that this wasn't the case.  James and his brother Ezra were listed in the Times Newspaper as having been in court charged with theft. 

Hinds Family Genealogy Report

James White Hinds - newspaper and police records relating to his conviction

James White Hinds - summary of his residences etc during the 1841 - 1901 census's

Forfeit/Cox family - Ann Dudley born 30th June 1824 Lidlington, Bedfordshire married John Cox born 6 May 1825 on the 24 Mar 1845 in Liddlington, Bedfordshire.  They emmigrated to New Zealand with their children.  This is a genealogy report relating to them and the ancestors of John and their descendants.  Ann can be found in Generation 4, highlighted in red.  This tree was kindly provided by Betty Lark.

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