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Update: 10 Feb 2018

Unfortunately I no longer have time to work on the site, but as it has taken so long to set up I am going to leave the information on here for others to make use of but at this present time I won't be updating records etc.  


This website has been created in an effort to bring together all the family genealogy I have researched over the last 20 years.  As you will see there is plenty of information available, with lots of 'branches' of the family, finding a way to bring it together in a way that is accessible, easy to use and manageable have been just some of the hurdles I've had to work around.  I hope you will find the information I have here interesting, and should your find your ancestors on here then please let me know by clicking here and emailing me.

My aim is to create a record of our ancestors, their journeys, lives and descendants and to make all this information available to their descendants worldwide.  Using records supplied by descendants, census records, years of trawling through genealogy sites and visiting villages and graveyards, working my way through the National Burial Index and other genealogy CD's I hope to provide as much detail into what their lives were like, and whenever new information surfaces to add this to the collection, giving us the best picture available of how we got to where we are today.

In addition to the information I have made available on here I also have lots of notes on individuals, too many to put on here at this present time so once again if you find someone you want to know more about them email me and perhaps I can help further.

Names of Interest: Please click on the links in the navigation bar above to take you to the family that you are interested in. Each family has their own section, within each section you will find information such as census records, descendant charts and in some cases photos, an explanation of where the family name came from etc.  The main names included in this site are:

Derrick - starting with George Derrick born in 1773 in Gloucester who married Mary Gregory.

Dudley - starting with Francis Dudley born in 1580 in Wellingborough who married Isabell. Updated 3rd Oct 2007

Linford - starting with John Thomas Linford born in 1792 who married Sarah Hamley Weeks.

Quince - starting with James born in 1817, Bedfordshire who married Sarah Darler

Wild - starting with Thomas Wild born in 1798 Bloomsbury, London who married Sarah Chappell Wilson.

Other surnames also appear, linked through marriage, there are currently 2835 individuals consisting of 625 marriages and 509 Surnames at this present moment in time, but this is growing almost weekly so keep checking if you can't find the link just yet.  I have included where possible BMD, LDS and Census records these are being constantly added to on an almost weekly basis and are kept on sperate pages, rather than within the genealogy report of each ancestor.

If you are related to us then welcome to the family! Please email me so I can add your information, if you are looking for family members who you feel might be connected but perhaps are not on here just yet then let me know as I store what I refer to 'unconnected' family emails for future use, you never know when I'm going to find that individual that ties your family to mine, or when some fellow researcher is going to come along looking for the same individual as yourself, in which case I can put you in touch with each other.

Location: So far I have found family members in Canada, America, Australia, France, New Zealand and here in the UK. I am always on the look out for new family members so if you think you are related please email me and I will be happy to do some digging and see if we can find a link. I have access to several genealogy sites so if you are missing some information I would be happy to assist you. I would also be grateful to anyone who can fill in the 'gaps' or add extra descendants to the tree, I don't mind how many cousins I unearth, whether they be first, second or even 10th! If you have additional information which we can add then please let me know. I can accept most types of file, whether it be microsoft word/excel, jpeg, gedcom or ftw.  

Photos: Within the different sections you will find numerous photos of persons mentioned on this site.  Where possible I have grouped them together in family order, however one section is for individuals who briefly appear on the site perhaps as distant cousins, and who I found it more difficult to place into individual albums.  If you by chance you have some pictures that you would like to contribute to the site then please let me know or if you can identify some of the 'unknown' pictures then please email me.

BMD: Where you see specific dates it is likely that the majority of the information has come from the Church of Latter Day Saints, I know from experience that these are sometimes incorrect so if you think you spot an error please let me know. In some cases I have the actual certificates, and a lot of the Derrick information has come from entries in a family bible.  I also have a file with all the BMD source references of persons born since 1837, so should you require a birth, marriage or death certificate I may have the relevant reference number for you to order it through.  I will try to display these on here but as there are many this may take some time, so if you wish to email me then I will be happy to send back the relevant details for you.

Sources - a list of sites which I have used for my research and find worthy of mention

Guestbook - due to incidents with spam messages I have had to temporarily remove this application, it will return once I have established how to prevent spam.  In the meantime please email me if you have any questions or queries or would just like to make yourself known to me in case I can help with your ancestors in some way or can put you in touch with others researching the same line. 


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